Benton Productions is a production company like no other.

We certainly pride ourselves on the quality of programs, documentaries and productions that we create.

But importantly ... more importantly ... we are strongly committed to making the world a much better place for our children. We achieve this through:

  • documentaries that focus on the world we are creating
  • programs that involve young people, giving them a real sense of hope and an opportunity for involvement and development
  • productions that investigate sustainability and environmental issues

Our directors, John and Vivienne Benton, have been involved in theatre, television and other media activities for over forty years. They truly have a passion for passing their love of performing and a sensitivity for our environment onto the generations that follow.

As well as their work with Benton Productions, John and Vivienne are directors of Eco Renovation and Design and present a weekly radio program called Live The Good Life.

Welcome to Benton Productions.

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